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 Shamanic Email Readings from  Debbie   £20.00 

(Special introductory offer)



Debbie (EarthMother) is a Shamanic Healer, Practitioner & Firewalk Instructor...

Debbie is offering you a 'Shamanic Reading' Channelled from her Native American Guides.

Debbie is also a qualified & talented Holistic Therapist and Shamanic Healer working from her own Therapy room in Banff Moray offering a full range of Holistic Therapies including Massage. Reflexology. Hot Stone Treatment. Kundalini Reiki and Soul Retrieval Work.


Also creates beautiful Sacred pouches, Horn Buttons, Jewellery and Feather Wands all in the Native American style, and puts beautiful and authentic native energy and integrity into all the beautiful craft work that she does.


Debbie's Readings are usually from  £25 upwards.

This Special Offer is £20!!!

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£20 Reading with Three Questions from Debbie (EarthMother) Please add your details now, before clicking "Buy Now"
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